Sunday, January 13, 2013

Don Diego's Trip to Sachavacay for the New Year

Greetings to the Beloved Sachavacay Community!

Warmest wishes to each of you from Don Diego and the Sachavacay Team.  We hope that each of your hearts are filled with joy and peace, and that the New Year has, thus far, provided much Devine inspiration to your lives, and to the lives of your friends, families and greater communities.  

It is no exaggeration to say that Don Diego has dedicated his life to service of the Devine, and to bringing each of us, one step at a time, closer in contact with our very own essence through our work with Mother Vine, and more recently through Puja.  

This year, for the Holidays, Don Diego received a Devine calling to perform a very auspicious and powerful puja on the Shiva Lingam of Sachavacay, for the start of 2013.  He made a special trip all the way from Spain to Peru and Sachavacay just to make this puja, which would have a strong impact upon all of us who are connected to Don Diego, and have been walking this path of self-understanding alongside him, near or far. The reverberations from this puja have continued to touch so many souls, with many people writing to express how deeply they have felt the effects and benefits from the ritual.  

During a short 10 day stay in Peru, Don Diego completed many Devine tasks. He performed 3 Shiva Lingam pujas, cooked sacred medicine, made a very special service offering to the local people near Sachavacay and checked in with the development of the school project, so special to his heart, that he has been overseeing. We are pleased to share with you here the following report about this visit to Sachavacay, and hope that a spark of the Devine Vibration being channeled through Don Diego makes its way to your heart, and ignites a flame of devotion there.  We hope you enjoy the following story and photographs, and, as always, we will be so happy to hear from those of you who were connecting with Don Diego during the ritual of the 1st of January, with your experiences!

Om Namah Shivaya!

Yours in Devine Service,
The Sachavacay Team

Arrival at Sachavacay 

After a long flight from Spain to Lima, another flight from Lima to Pucallpa, and then 3 hours of travel by car and boat, Don Diego, together with his devoted staff, Don Julio, Gayo and Doily, the cook, finally arrived to Sachavacay on the 29th of December.  Right away, the Devine Sachavacay Team began preparations for the auspicious pujas and service work to take place over the course of the next week.  

The jungle is in a constant state of growth and motion; branches and leaves fall, rains come and go, and much upkeep is needed to maintain paths and shelter structures.  Before anything else, the Team had to do major clean up around the land of Sachavacay to prepare everything once again for human habitation. After cleaning up their tambos where they would each sleep, clearing the necessary pathways and preparing the kitchen for the period of retreat, finally, Don Diego and the Team were ready to clean and prepare the altar of the very Holy Shiva Lingam of Sachavacay, so the first puja could be performed.  

With concentration and devotion, the Team cleaned the area surrounding the altar, and lovingly washed the stone upon which the Lingam would sit.  After everything was pristine and ready, Don Diego set the Shiva Lingam in its place, finalizing all the preparations for the upcoming worship and ritual.  Don Diego prepared the lamps at the front of the altar, and then, together with the Sachavacay Team, he began to chant specific sacred mantras to awaken the Divine energy.

First Puja: December 31st, 2012

Once the altar for the Shiva Lingam was properly set up and the Devine energy was able to flow even more powerfully, the more subtle work for the auspicious puja of January 1st began.  This puja would be so powerful that a preliminary puja was needed to prepare the channel for this Devine Vibration.  At 5:15am on December 31st, Don Diego performed this first puja, in the traditional way, on the Shiva Lingam of Sachavacay, awakening the energy that would soon be reaching all of us who have been hooking in.  Still bathing in the Devine Vibration from the puja, Don Diego passed the rest of the day concentrating deeply, while picking Chacruna leaves for the sacred medicine he would be cooking during this trip.

Sacred Plant Baths

Later on December 31st, Don Diego prepared a very powerful mixtures of plants, with which he would bathe himself and the Sachavacay Team the next morning before the auspicious New Year's Day puja. At 4:00 am on the 1st of January, everyone gathered together in the area of the Maloca for the bath. This plant bath was extremely important, because it continued the process of awakening the Devine Vibration, and it purified everyone so that they would be even more able to feel the subtle vibrations.  This bath also helped to create even greater accuracy for the work and pujas ahead.  These plants, for those who know how to understand and feel the subtle energy, are extremely powerful.  Throughout the process of the baths, everyone was chanting together very strongly "Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya."  After Don Diego had bathed each member of the Team, he began to bathe himself with these powerful plants. Without any prompting, Don Julio, Gayo and Doily continued chanting the sacred mantra, carrying the vibration throughout the entire bath, and propelling it beyond into the puja. 

108 Names of Lord Ganesh

After the baths, everyone sat together in front of the Shiva Lingam, and began to chant the 108 names of Lord Ganesh.  After Don Diego chanted each name of the Lord of Beginnings, the Team would chant back "Om Namah Shivaya."  This was an amazing experience for Don Diego!  These men and women of the jungle, who have never been exposed to these rituals before, were participating in this ancient ritual unfamiliar to their own culture, with such sincerity in their hearts.  The authenticity of each one's participation was born from a true inner connection, based on his/her personal experiences with this Lingam.   

Shiva Lingam Puja: New Year's Day

After finishing the chanting of the 108 names of Lord Ganesh, Don Diego performed the puja on the Shiva Lingam.  This puja was extremely powerful.  The Sachavacay Team members were so moved, that they were crying and bowing in front of the Lingam, with so much sincerity.  What a true blessing to be there in person for this Holy Puja!  The powerful vibration could be felt by devoted souls all over the world, who were connecting from their homes in meditation and concentration.  

Special Puja Requests

There were many people who requested this special New Year's puja to be performed in their names, and in the names of loved ones.  At this point of the puja, Don Diego, with such deep and heartfelt devotion, called out each name, as a Devine Salutation to these souls.  One by one,  he chanted each person's name, to which Don Julio, Gayo and Doily, with equal devotion and intensity, chanted back "Om Namah Shivaya!"  

After this powerful worship, Don Diego took the flower petals that had been showered on the Shiva Lingam, and blessed each one from the Sachavacay Team.  They all had some Blessed Sugar, and then blessed themselves with the Sacred Ash from the ritual.  According to Don Diego, the vibration was extremely powerful.  He told us, "People were connecting from all over the world, and you could feel the electricity in the atmosphere.  You could feel the power of the Lingam!  This is a moment we will remember for a long time."

After the New Year's Day puja, Don Diego did not take any time to rest. He had so much work to complete in a very limited amount of time.  We can only say that it was the Grace of God fueling him to accomplish many Devine tasks, in a miraculously short period of time.  

With the vibration from the baths and puja of the New Year strongly radiating from his heart, Don Diego cooked a sacred brew of medicine.  This process takes many days, patience and unbroken concentration on the Devine!  He also met with the workers who are facilitating the construction of a school near Sachavacay that he has been overseeing. This project has been funded entirely by Don Diego and community donations to the Sachavacay Mission Fund. Although we are still a few thousand dollars short of the fundraising goal, we are very optimistic that our community can come together to make this happen, so that the school will be ready to open in April of this year, making education a reality for so many children!  

Don Diego preparing a sacred brew of medicine


Devine Service
Don Diego wanted to do something very special for the local community near Sachavacay this year for the Holidays.  The people who live up and down the river in this area of the jungle near to Sachavacay are very poor, and it is difficult for them to provide many basic necessities for their families. While he was in Pucallpa, Don Diego spent a day purchasing many household and food items, with the intention of making a gift bag for each of the local families near Sachavacay.
An announcement was made on the radio that Don Diego would be gathering together with the community to pass out these special gift bags for each family.  He also would use this opportunity to share with the community his plans for building the new school.  That morning, on January 5th, in preparation for the community gathering, Don Diego performed a third puja on the Shiva Lingam of Sachavacay!

Later that day, about 40 local families gathered together, to receive the New Year's gifts from Don Diego and the Sachavacay Team.  Each family received a bag that included items such as cooking oil, a large box of matches, 4 lbs of sugar, 2 lbs of rice, canned foods and soap, while all the children received toys!  The Sachavacay cook prepared a large pot of a special chocolate drink, and this was served along with cake to all the children.  Everyone was very happy! 

After passing out the gift bags to the people, Don Diego gave a talk to everyone, telling them all about the school that he is building, letting them know that this is a reality, and soon these families will be able to provide local education to their children.  This is going to change so many people's lives, and everyone was so touched and happy by Don Diego's news.  Many of the people were crying and asking Don Diego to become the Mayor!  They were so amazed that he would want to give all of this to the community, without having any desire for anything in return. The best gift that he received from his service, was in the happiness of the people whom he was serving!

Thank you all for reading and sharing in the Devine Vibration of these incredible acts of generosity and kindness that our Beloved Shaman has demonstrated. From all over the world, people were connecting with Don Diego, all of us together deep in prayer, devotion and adoration of the Devine.  This has been such a powerful and beautiful way to greet and enter the New Year. And every person who contributed to the Sachavacay Mission Fund, whether by making a donation, ordering a puja or even purchasing a Sachavacay T-Shirt, has contributed to the many beautiful service projects that Don Diego has been sharing with the local community near Sachavacay.  This is truly a blessing to behold!

So many changes are happening for Don Diego with his work and mission in these days, and the energy is every day stronger.  From now until the next tour begins, Don Diego will be going deeper and deeper into his solitude and preparing himself to be as pure of a channel as possible for all of us, so that when we come together in sacred ceremony, puja and dieta, the power of this Vibration reaches even more profoundly into our hearts.  

Even if we are unable to be physically present with Don Diego, as he brings these powerful teachings to our communities, what we are learning now through the special pujas that have been happening, is that we can connect with this pure Devine Vibration from wherever we are. The deeper that Don Diego goes into his spiritual practices and austerities, the more we are pushed to strengthen our inner connection with him and the Devine, through subtle spiritual channels.  Our shaman keeps teaching us that the more we are able to concentrate, quiet our minds, and fix our hearts steadily on the Devine, the more spiritual energy is going to flow to us, and the deeper our spiritual evolution will be.  This is the priceless gift that he has been cultivating for the last 17 years, and which we have been so blessed to receive!

Om Namah Shivaya!!

*Dear Friends, 

We still need to raise about $6000 USD to complete the School project near Sachavacay.  If you would like to make a contribution to assist in this project, you can do so very easily through Paypal, by sending even $5 to the account  Thank you in advance for your generosity and contributions!

With love, from the Sachavacay Team



  1. Gracias por tu trabajo, amor, contribución y luz! Tu Waiki de Igual Manera!

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  3. So much love is flowing out of don Diego's devine work. My whole being is vibrating with excitement and joy just to be connected to this beautiful service and generosity. It was a powerfully moving experience to sit and connect with the New Year puja. I am grateful beyond words for that and every other blessing that flows between us all. Thank you don Diego for being such an inspiration and providing your great leadership in this amazing movement of love. Many Blessings, Deborah

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