Jungle Wildcrafts

These tinctures, oils, baths and perfumes have all been prepared with love by Don Diego, with the repetition of very powerful mantras and special prayers. They not only have physical benefits, but powerful spiritual vibrations, as well. All the plants have been hand picked from the land of Sachavacay, with the only purpose of healing, and helping us in our spiritual evolution. They have been prepared one by one in a very artesian way, maintaining very old recipes from the Amazon Jungle that have been passed down through generations.  From Don Diego's hands to yours, may these remedies bring you health and many blessings!

This combination of plants is extremely energetic. Helps to improve mental concentration and imagination. Also enhances the sexual appetite. Helps to restore physical well being and vanishing pain. Makes the body stronger and helps circulation. Spiritual Properties: Powerful mixture strengthens the spirit. Powerful help in ceremonies. Very old mixture of plants full of wisdom. Helps open subtle but profound energetic channels and energetic bodies inside us. Gives us will power.
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Improves fertility, calms acne and skin problems, balances kidney and urinary tract, soothes colic, diarrhea, asthma, colds and respiratory problems.  For use in diabetes and stomach abscesses.

Aciete Copaiba Oil is an oily resin which has been extracted from the Amazonian tree, Copaifera officalis.  Contains emollient, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.  Copaiba oil is used for all types of skin disorders, dandruff, stomach ulcers and herpes.

Using very powerful and mystical plants, Don Diego creates this unique cleanser to be used after ceremony. Repels negative energy fields. Cleans your aura after being exposed to energetic charges. Can be used if having nightmares, or to visit very charged places.
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Uses: Rheumatism, arthritis, post partum issues, fluid retention, cold, uterine disorders. Spiritual properties: It is said to root the person more closely to the natural realm, creating a good base for spiritual development and affording spiritual strength. The spirit of this plant arises from the water and it presents itself like a mermaid.
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A pain-reliever, muscle relaxant, and anti-inflammatory for arthritis, rheumatism and back pain; as an aphrodisiac for loss of libido (male and female); to cool and balance adrenal function; to tone, balance, and strengthen female hormonal systems and for menstrual disorders, libido loss, menstrual pain and cramps; as a general tonic (tones, balances, strengthens overall body functions) and mild immune stimulant.

Spiritual Properties: Powerful master plant. Strengthens the body, every shaman has dieted on this plant. Develops important qualities to walk the shamanic path, creates stronger connection with the energies of the jungle.

Helps to calm and nurture the body. Used by our ancestors by chewing to stimulate the nervous system.  Calms the feeling of hunger. If used in tea is good for digestion, cramps, diarrhea. It is very calming and an amazing tonic. Very powerful spiritual master: opens to the Magic of the Incas and helps us to get in tune with pacha mama. Used as a super food because of the nutritional Value.
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Balance your energies for a more peaceful and calm life.  Boil in water for 35 minutes.  Allow skin to dry naturally.  For best results, use all at once.

Ginger is very good aid for digestion and has treated stomach upset, diarrhea, and nausea for more than 2,000 years. Ginger has also been used to help treat arthritis, colic, diarrhea, and heart conditions. Helps in treating the common cold, flu-like symptoms, headaches, and even painful menstrual periods. Supports inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, and may even be used in heart disease or cancer. Spiritual Properties: Perfect friend for energetic cleansing, Heats up the body allowing other plants to penetrate and integrate in our body. Helps us to learn from mother earth and create spiritual roots.
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Beautiful smells derived from flowers and herbs have always been used for healing and attracting love. Even the word ‘perfume’ comes from per fumer (Latin, ‘through smoke’), and is a reference to its ritual use in ceremonies for the gods who offer love’s blessings. Don Diego prepared this magical perfume for aura and spirit protection, to attract positive situations and people in our lives. This perfume has been carefully prepared by mixing plants and flowers to create particular aromas which affect the mood of those who smell them. It’s made up for our spirit, beautifying every step we take.

Sangre De Drago has multiple uses and is helpful in alleviating the following: wounds, diarrhea, herpes outbreaks, stomach ulcers, bleeding gums, hemorrhoids and insect bites.  This multifaceted medicine is an excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and has the ability to stop the bleeding of cuts and wounds.

Prosperity bath helps to attract abundance into your life in all aspects.  Useful when applying for a new job, starting a new relationship, or in a new moon ritual.  Boil in water for 35 minutes.  Allow skin to dry naturally.  For best results, use all at once.

Uses: kidneys, the liver, immune system, diuretic, anticarcinogen. Helps in AIDS, heart disease. Antitumoral. Spiritual Properties: This plant is a vine. The vine symbolizes the connection between the earth and the sky. Amazing emotional cleanser and supports emotional release. Promotes clarity and internal flow.

* For orders and inquiries regarding any Sachavacay Wildcrafts, please email us at  info@sachavacay.org.
* Please note that every single bottle has been prepared by hand by Don Diego. Taste and color may change in each bottle.
* We do not add sugar to any preparations. The sweet flavor comes from vegetable glycerin in the small bottles, and from raw organic honey in the large bottles.
* Please wait three days after ceremony to start taking these sacred remedies.

With Love,
Don Diego